In light of the high rate of criminal activity in South Africa, security gets more important every day.  K9 Security is equipped to render a complete security service to its clients.  Our commitment is to give our clients peace of mind by providing Security Guarding Services.We offer Armed Guards, Trained Dogs ,Armed Response, Patrols, Alarms Systems, CCTV, since 1965. 


The increased security threat in South Africa and the rapidly changing socia – political environment has placed major demands on the Security Industry to meet the new challenges posed by these developments.  Canine Security (K9) constantly strives to improve these new challenges and as a result thereof, has started its own Special Investigation Team who specialise in solving the internal theft problems experienced by most companies.


 K9 Security has the following outstanding features, which we consider to be above standard in the Security Industry:

 • K9 Security firmly believes that sound Human Resources Management and a positive attitude towards Industrial Relations is the extension of a good business policy.
 • Our guard/s employment criteria are evaluated by a highly sophisticated employment process, with the overall aim to employ the correct person for the job.  We respect the dignity of each individual.





 Canine Security TVL (Pty) Ltd