Operating Model & Communications

The K9 operating model is similar to the Proctor and Gamble Hub and Spoke Operating Model enabling us to deliver our services in an optimised and focussed manner in the areas we operate in.


The Hub and Spoke model is an operating and business model that was first developed in the aviation industry and it rests on one single imperative: aggregating duplicate functions. In its application to the insurance and other financial services industries.


The framework aims at centralising in a single operational centre (the Hub) all those activities that:


  • Are scalable – to maximise the benefits deriving from reducing unitary costs.
  • Constitute a critical value driver – to ensure specialisation and thus the highest quality standards.
  • Can be performed as cross-area and localised activities.


In this way, the Hub – in our case our CENTRAL OPERATIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS CENTRE operating 24/7/365 – becomes a service centre that provides high quality services to all other parts of the organisation (the Spokes). The Spokes (all our client centres), in turn, are devoted to adapt the central service provision to the local demand and complement the Hub’s functionalities with all those activities that are “non-exportable”, for example because of geographical, regulatory or operational constraints.


To maximise the success of our interventions and services we often engage in a dynamic, integrated strategic workflow as described earlier, especially when customised solutions apply. It forms part of a phased approach to an intervention such as this and will enable effective and mutually beneficial costing models to be jointly developed for the mutual benefit for all parties.



The above process is initiated by our senior staff as highlighted in red in the company organogram below. These senior managers also are our company’s Key Accounts Managers and Senior Quality Officers.