What we do

This means, we protect you, your family, your staff and your assets. K9 will provide you with fully-trained and professional security officers who are constantly monitored and evaluated by Key Account Managers who are in constant contact with you our client. Guards are also monitored directly by site inspectors. All of these actions are supported by an advanced technical infrastructure and response units.

We have over the years built up a reputation for excellence in guarding; building security; gate access control; 24/7/365 surveillance and patrolling in the following areas:


  • COMMERCIAL: Ensuring that your business premises, both internal and external, are secured against any illegal access or actions.
  • RETAIL: We are accepted as leaders in the field of shopping centre and general retail security operations.
  • INDUSTRIAL: Providing all aspects of access control and general security.
  • COMMUNITY: Our experience in the field of secured residential estates and households is well known and accepted.
  • EDUCATION: Ensuring the safety of our children and teachers and the infrastructure that surrounds them.
  • GOVERNMENT: National / Provincial and Local Government institutions are protected by us.
  • HEALTH: We also specialise in the safety and protection of patients, staff and visitors at especially our provincial and local hospitals.
  • HOSPITALITY: Many of our local hotels in the Ekurhuleni area are protected by K9.